Real Ingredients. Real lce Cream. Real Happiness. That’s what -12 Degrees aspires to do. We want to be able to create wonderful memories for all of YOU, from all the walks of life, and avoid discrimination. We solely serve vegan-based products without using any eggs or dairy in our ingredients, because we believe Vegans and Lactose lntolerant individuals, much like everyone else, should enjoy ice creams and desserts, without being worried about the negative effects of dairy-based products on YOUR health.

Our products are also 100% natural, without the need of using any artificial flavorings. With new products and ice cream flavors, let’s create wonderful memories together!

Find Us At

The Food Merchant, Datum Jelatek
to enjoy scoops that are simply divine.

Opening Hours : 10am – 10pm 

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Copyright © 2023 Global Food Merchant Holdings Sdn Bhd