Redefining Your
Shopping Experience

The Food Merchant is a first-of-its kind grocery store brought to you by team members behind the successful Village Grocer chain on this 3 December 2021. The Food Merchant’s vision is not only to meet customers’ expectations, but to exceed the expectations of what a grocer can be. 

Bringing Joy and Togetherness With Food from Around the World.

The Food Merchant, the country 1st international premium grocer has curated and sourced over 250 international brands in-store, so shoppers can get a taste of the world’s culture and authentic international cuisine as they traverse the aisles. Shoppers will get to enjoy dine-in selections from East Asian oceans to European vineyards simply by stepping into the grocer and experiencing truly authentic international food under one roof.

The Concept Behind The Food Merchant Logo

The Food Merchant’s logo is inspired by the rare and stunning “Zebra Blue Primrose’, is very unique and a rare perennial beauty. It’s ensuring and everlasting representing perpetual beauty and uniqueness. So rare so fine, it symbolizes the ethos of the brand, viz, Beautiful, Unique and a True Enjoyment.

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Copyright © 2023 Global Food Merchant Holdings Sdn Bhd

Copyright © 2022 Global Food Merchant Holdings Sdn Bhd